AUTHOR:  Tara Jo 

RATING:  Hmm... I don't know. Somewhere betweeen a TVPG
and  TV14. I don't like to be known as a bad person who
writes stories with bad language. I only use bad language
when talking about Tea Leoni or LeAnn Rimes....

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own these people but I just use them to
	describe some of my little mind games I think up. Just
	kidding!! I do not own John Tobias or Ed Boon. Or 
	Midway Gaming. Or Mortal Kombat. Just don't sue me.

THANKS:  Ok. I'll make this short 'n sweet. Here's the list of
people I'd like to thank. If you don't see your name, you're an
idiot (not actually, I'm just saying that):
	Dawn, Jennifer J. , Jennifer K., Mindy, Eliza
	Misaki, Morgana, Tina, Taylor, Mitchell, Glen, Elaine,
	Kramer, George, Jerry, Toby, Mulder, Scully, Skinner,
	CSM, The Alien Bounty Hunter (I wouldn't be here if it
wasn't for you, buddy),  David Letterman, Paul Shaffer, 
	Linden and I think that's about it. Wait! Newman! I forgot
Newman! ARGH! I hope he won't mind... heheheheh

STUFF YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW:  This takes place during 
	Mortal Kombat:  Annihilation. It's sort of a alternate take
	on things (i.e. what could have happened, what should have 
	happened, etc.) from a special person's point of view. 


	I thought it was over. I really did. We were walking along,
hand in hand, happier that we had ever been in our lives. But then,
as most good things do, it ended. The skies darkened and a demonic
figure appeared in front of us. I assumed a fighting stance and cast a
look at the man standing next to me. 
	Johnny Cage smiled in my direction and gave me a
reassuring look. "Don't worry Sonya. Everything is going to be OK."
	I tried to return the smile. It failed. "Johnny, if something
happens to me---"
	He began to interrupt when the demonic figure began to
speak. We quieted down and listened in awful fear. As soon as 
the speech was over, everything that could go wrong did. 
	Shao Kahn, the Emperor of Outworld, descended upon us,
bringing with him his minions. Rayden, the God of Thunder and
Lightening, stepped between Kahn and where we (Princess Kitana,
Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and I) were standing. 
	As they fought, I moved closer to Johnny, feeling
exhilarated but frightened at the same time. The fight was coming
to a close I was damn sure that Rayden had won when the
unexpected happened. 
	Out of nowhere, something coiled around my ankles. In
disbelief, I gazed downward just in time to see my feet get yanked
out from underneath me. I fell on my back and looked backwards to
see Johnny's face. It was full of horror. Seconds later, I was dragged
a few feet, only to have a foot stomped down on my throat. That
foot belonged to Shao Kahn. Gagging, I struggled weakly. 
	"....pathetic life." Kahn was saying.  
	Visions were swimming in front of me. I couldn't
concentrate.... I thought I was going to pass out. That's when I saw
something I would have sacrificed my life not to see. 
	"NO JOHNNY!!!" I screamed with the last of my strength.
	It was to no avail. Johnny Cage was already in the air,
armed with his shadow kick. The kick was enough to free me but it
wasn't enough to save him. 
	Shao Kahn released me and punched Johnny straight in the
chest. He fell backwards and stayed there. I watched with dread as 
the man I loved was beaten ruthlessly by Kahn. Finally, he raised
Johnny above his head and glared into Rayden's eyes. In turn,
Rayden released a force field of energy that surrounded Kahn's
	"Surrender Rayden... or this one dies." Kahn ordered. 
	Rayden just glared. "Trade me for Johnny Cage."
	Shao Kahn seemed to mull the thought over. "Bow at my
feet Rayden. Throw yourself at my mercy."
	Rayden nodded sadly and released his hold on Kahn's
Generals. He prepared to step forward when The Emperor's scornful
laughter filled the air.
	"You idiot!" he yelled and threw Johnny to the ground. 
	I saw him hit the ground and drug myself to his side.
Somehow, Johnny was still alive. I reached for his hand.  
	"Johnny, I love you." Sonya said to him.
	He grinned the sweetest grin up at me. "I love you too,
Sonya. Don't---" he coughed and then began again. "Don't let them
get you. I swear that if they hurt you I'll----"
	He was slipping. Tears flowed down my face. "Johnny,
please don't leave me.... Please!"
	Kahn was looming over us. He reached down to remove me
from Cage's side. I could tell Johnny was barely breathing and that
his ribs might be cracked but I didn't care. I threw myself across
Johnny's chest and clung to him. I wasn't going to lose Johnny. I
couldn't loose him. So, Kahn decided that two souls are better than
one. I tried to fight back against Kahn but I fared no better than
Johnny. I really didn't want to live. 
	But, to make a long story short, Johnny and I are together
now... in Heaven. The second tournament was won by our good
friend Liu Kang. Now he and Princess Kitana live together in
Edina. I always thought they would get together.  
	My days are spent with Johnny, wondering around in these
wonderful gardens that are just full with life. I love it... but I do
miss my mortality. When I start to become homesick, I just look at
Johnny and I feel better. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him.

The End. 


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